Air Conditioner



Energy Class Α+++

Refrigerant R32

Quadruple air filtration system

Self-cleaning and sterilization function at a high temperature of 56°C

Smart Functions

Comfort Cooling Function

Which prevents excessive drying of the room by automatically adjusting the power of the dehumidification function of the air conditioner

I-Feel Function

The temperature sensor built into the remote control can detect the ambient temperature. This allows the air conditioning unit to adjust the room temperature more accurately, offering even greater comfort and economy


Automatic activation and deactivation of the device

TVOC function

Built-in TVOC sensor that measures and analyses the indoor air quality in real time and informs you with a visual indicator. The TVOC meter continuously measures the total volatile organic compounds in the air circulating in your room, to ensure that the VOC load in the air is at normal levels and is harmless to your health.







Fresh-Air System

Revolutionary fresh air intake system from the outside environment. When necessary, you can select this function so that your air conditioner draws fresh air from the environment. The incoming air, after passing through the multiple purification system, is guided through the special reflector located at the top of the indoor unit, to the air inlet and then guided into the condenser for cooling or heating (depending on how the air conditioner is operating). The purified fresh air is then diffused into the room.

Mild air flow

The combination of the design of the blind and the ventilation duct creates a gentle air flow for an extremely comfortable environment.

Now you can control your air conditioner from anywhere inside and outside the house…

Activate, deactivate, change all its settings whenever you wish and according to your daily schedule.
In partnership with TUYA, and with support for both Google Assistant and Alexa, operating Morris air conditioners is now quick and easy and the app is constantly being updated.

Automatic restart

In the event of a power failure and when the power is restored, the air conditioner will automatically return to its pre-break mode.

Self-diagnosis system

The self-diagnosis unit detects any problem in the device. It displays the problem code on the display and automatically activates the protection function, which will switch off the device if necessary.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode, which allows you to set the operation of your air conditioner to maximum efficiency with the simple press of a button. An ideal function for those moments when you immediately need more cooling or heating in your space.

High efficiency compressors

High efficiency rotary compressors from renowned manufacturers, which ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise, while at the same time guarantee the good operation of your air conditioner for many years.

Comfort and Care

– Special blade design for natural air flow in the room. In heating they are tilted downwards and in cooling horizontally, in order to create a natural air flow and the most even temperature distribution in your room.

– 4D air supply system with the ability to rotate the blinds vertically and horizontally for air supply in all directions.

– Light sensor: when activated, the device will automatically turn off its screen displays as soon as it detects that it has gone dark.

– Sleep mode in which the appliance automatically adjusts the temperature according to the initial setting and operating time.

Cooling Technology

– High precision temperature setting: through the Wifi application it is possible to select the desired temperature with a step of 0.5C.

– Turbo: fast cooling mode (cold air supply 17°C in 30 seconds) and fast heating mode (hot air supply 40°C in 60 seconds).

– Automatic restart and intelligent defrost.

– Independent dehumidification function with a dehumidification capacity of 29 litres per day.

– Self-diagnosis of faults: The air conditioner can automatically check all its basic functions and in the event of a fault, it can inform you of the type of fault by displaying a relevant indicator.

Hygiene – Air Purification

– Element self-cleaning function for the indoor unit, which is performed as an independent 30-minute cycle. The element shall be cooled to produce a strong liquefaction to run off the water with the residues, and then heated to a high temperature to dry it immediately.

– Anti-moisture function: Possibility to set the function to run after the device has been shut down (via the W-Fi application). Instead of shutting down, the air conditioner will continue to run for a few minutes in order to dry the element and prevent the formation of mould and unpleasant odours.

– With 4 levels of air filtration (external filter, HEPA filter, silver ion filter and high density filter) for deep cleaning and effective filtration of air particles, dust and germs with a diameter of less than 2.5mm.

– Filter cleaning reminder light: After a certain period of operation, the air conditioner detects how clean the air filter is and reminds the user to clean it to prevent bacteria from accumulating on it.

7 years warranty for the whole device **

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

WiFi instructions
CE Declaration
of conformity

Technical Specifications

Performance data:
Efficiency : 12050 (3400-13650)BTU (cooling) / 12950 (3400-15350)BTU (heating)
Design load : Cooling 3.5kW / Heating 2.5kW (medium climate zone) – 2.8kW (warm climate zone))
Annual power consumption : Cooling 144kWh / Heating 761kW (average climate zone) – 769kWh (warm climate zone)
Operating current: 4.7 (1.5~9.2)A in cooling / 5.1 (1.5~10)A in heating
Consumption: 895 (290-1650)W (cooling) / 969 (290-1930)W (heating).
Operating range (outdoor temperature): cooling -15oC to +60oC / heating -20oC to +30oC
Power supply: 220-240V ~ 50Hz (operating voltage range 165-265V)
Efficient cooling even at very high ambient temperatures (up to 60oC)

Efficiency coefficients:
Cooling power efficiency ratio (SEER) : 8.5 / Energy class : A+++
Heating power coefficient (SCOP) : 5,1 (A+++) for hot climate zone / 4,6 (A++) for medium climate zone

Noise level:
Noise level (sound pressure) : 22/27/33/38/41dB (indoor unit) – 50dB (outdoor unit)
Sound power : 32/35/42/48/51dB (indoor unit) – 60dB (outdoor unit)

WiFi function that allows full control of the device from an Android or IOS device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) with internet access
Ifeel function. The temperature sensor built into the remote control helps to better and more accurately regulate the room temperature.
Cold air gust prevention function
Heating function at extremely low temperatures
6 fan speeds (Turbo / High / Medium / Low / Silent / Automatic)
Independent dehumidification function with a dehumidification capacity of 29 litres per day
Comfortable cooling function which prevents excessive drying of the room.
Silent Mute function for extremely low noise levels (22 dB(A))
Sleep mode and ON/OFF timer function
Automatic restart function
Automatic defrost function
Intelligent airflow function whereby air is directed high in cooling mode and low in heating mode for better air distribution.

Temperature exchanger with anti-corrosion coating “”Gold Fin”” that prevents the growth of bacteria, improves the efficiency of the element and increases its lifetime
Self-cleaning function for the indoor unit by sterilizing the element at 55oC

Air purification:
4-complex air filtration system with HEPA filter and antibacterial filter.
Pre-filter dust and solid particles easily removed and washable.
Air recycling: 620 cubic meters per hour (maximum).

Air supply:
Fresh Air system with the possibility of introducing fresh air from outside.
Air quality control system in your room.
Specially designed blades for natural air flow in the room.
4D air supply system with the ability to rotate the louvers vertically and horizontally for air supply in all directions.

With galvanized outdoor unit for rust protection
Cooling circuit piping: Gas 3/8″ – Liquid 1/4″
Power supply cable: 3×1,5mm (Outdoor unit)
Dimensions: 88,8×20,5×31,3 cm internal unit / 79,5×30,5×54,9 cm external unit
Weight of indoor / outdoor unit (net) : 11,0kg / 24,5kg
Ecological refrigerant R32/0,605kg
5 years warranty for the whole device