Air conditioner



Energy class Α+++

Refrigerant R32

Quiet Mode

Multiple cleaning filter

Self-cleaning and sterilization function at a high temperature of 56°C

Smart Functions

I-Set function

The user can select temperature, fan speed and blind mode and save these options, creating their own personal operating setting, which can be selected later at the touch of a button.

I-Feel function

The temperature sensor built into the remote control can detect the ambient temperature. This allows the air conditioning unit to adjust the room temperature more accurately, offering even greater comfort and economy.

Sleep function

With which the appliance automatically adjusts the temperature according to the initial setting and operating time.

With new innovative features 

Air filter on top

Smaller gap

Larger and more durable louver


Special design blades

Easy air duct cleaning

Mild air flow

The combination of the design of the blind and the ventilation duct creates a gentle air flow for an extremely comfortable environment.

Bipolar ion generator and UVC lamp

The generator placed at the air outlet creates plasma, charged H2O2 atoms, which in combination with the UVC lamp destroy bacteria, viruses, etc.

Now you can control your air conditioner from anywhere in the house and outside the house…

Activate, deactivate, change all its settings whenever you wish and according to your daily schedule.
In partnership with TUYA, and with support for both Google Assistant and Alexa, operating Morris air conditioners is now quick and easy and the app is constantly being updated.

Automatic restart

In the event of a power failure and when the power is restored, the air conditioner will automatically return to its pre-break mode.

Self-diagnosis system

The self-diagnosis unit detects any problem in the device. It displays the problem code on the display and automatically activates the protection function, which will switch off the device if necessary.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode, which allows you to set the operation of your air conditioner to maximum efficiency with the simple press of a button. An ideal function for those moments when you immediately need more cooling or heating in your space.

High efficiency compressors

High efficiency rotary compressors from renowned manufacturers, which ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise, while at the same time guarantee the good operation of your air conditioner for many years.

7 years warranty for the whole device **

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

WiFi instructions
CE Declaration
of conformity

Technical Specifications

SPLIT 12000BTU INVERTER WiFi type air conditioner with rotary compressor for greater economy and low noise level

Efficiency : 12000 (3400-15700) BTU (cooling) / 12950 (3400-16700) BTU (heating)

Design load : 3.5kW (cooling) / 3.3kW (heating – warm zone)

Annual power consumption : 145kWh (cooling) / 825kWh (heating – hot zone)

Operating current: 4.6 (1.5~9.2)A in cooling / 4.4 (1.5~10.0)A in heating

Power consumption: 1000 (290-1510)W in cooling / 970 (290-1720)W in heating

Cooling power efficiency ratio (SEER) : 8.5 / Energy class : A+++

Heating power coefficient (SCOP) : 5,6 (A+++) for hot climate zone / 4,6 (A++) for medium climate zone

Noise level (sound pressure) : 22/29/33/38/43dB (indoor unit) / 53dB (outdoor unit)

Sound power: 32/38/43/43/48/53dB (indoor unit) / 63dB (outdoor unit)

WiFi function with TUYA support, allowing full control of the device from an Android or IOS device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) with internet access

USB module type Wi-Fi module for easy maintenance

Ionisation function (plasma generator) and sterilisation function with UVC lamp for perfect air purification

Specially designed blades with thousands of holes through which it passes, creating a gentle flow of air for an extremely comfortable environment

Super Turbo function for instant cold or hot air supply at start-up (cold air at 30″ in cooling mode and hot air at 60″ in heating mode)

Powerful cooling mode at high ambient temperatures (100% efficiency up to 50oC and satisfactory efficiency up to 60oC)

New innovative design of the indoor unit that offers easy installation and particularly easy maintenance

MUTE function for low noise

Ifeel function. The temperature sensor integrated in the remote control helps to regulate the room temperature better and more precisely

Comfortable cooling function which prevents the room from drying out too much

Self-cleaning and sterilisation function at a high temperature of 56°C for the indoor unit

Multiple air purification filter and dust and solid particles filter that is easily removable and washable

4D air supply system with vertical and horizontal rotation of the louvres for air supply in all directions

Cold blast prevention function

Sleep function whereby the appliance automatically adjusts the temperature according to the initial setting and operating time.

Automatic restart and automatic defrost function

Timer for automatic switching on and off of the appliance

With galvanised external unit for protection against rust

Independent dehumidification function with a capacity of up to 1,2 litres per hour

Air recirculation: 670 cubic metres per hour (maximum)

Dimensions: 82×19,5×30,6 cm internal unit / 79,5×30,5×54,9 cm external unit.

Ecological refrigerant R32 / 0,63kg

5 years warranty for the whole device

Cooling circuit piping: Gas 3/8″ – Liquid 1/4″