Built-In Refrigerator



Full NoFrost Technology

Energy class E

Capacity 248 litres

Maximum 41dB

Smart Functions

Cold Air Flow

By circulating the cold air through multiple air ducts, more efficient and homogeneous cooling is achieved throughout the entire interior of the refrigerator

Electronic operation control

With internal LED display

Internal LED light

For lower consumption

Built-In Refrigerator


Everything you need from a fridge!

Built-in refrigerator with a capacity of 248 litres. It has a humidity adjustable fruit and vegetable drawer with glass lid, 4-star freezer, super freeze function and door opening direction change.

10 years warranty for the compressor and 3 years for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

CE Declaration
of conformity

Technical Specifications

Built-In Refrigerator White

Energy class (according to Directive 2019/2016) : E (on a scale from A to G)

Capacity (according to Directive 2019/2016) : 248 litres (180lt fridge / 68lt freezer)

Full No Frsot with Fresh Cooling System technology

Electronically adjustable temperature control with internal LED display

Full NoFrost technology with Multi-Cooling System

Fruit and vegetable drawer with humidity control and glass lid

4 Glass safety shelves

Key lock function

LED-type internal light for lower consumption

Possibility to change the door opening direction

4-star freezer

Super freeze function (rapid freezing)

Climate class = N/ST (suitable for use at temperatures from 16°C to 38°C)

Refrigerant = R600a /47gr

Energy consumption (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 223 kWh per year

Freezing capacity (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 3,5kg/24h

Autonomy time in case of power failure (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 6 hours

Airborne acoustic noise emissions (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 41dB

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (according to Directive 2019/2016) = C

Device dimensions (WxWxH) = 54 x 54.5 x 178.5 cm

Installation dimensions (WxWxH) = 56 to 56.5 x 56 (minimum) x 177.6 to 178.4 cm (the values are the minimum/maximum permissible per dimension)

Appliance mass (net/ gross) = 63,5 / 67,5 kg

10 years for the compressor and 3 years for the whole appliance