Built-in washer/dryer combi




BLDC Inverter Motor

Capacity: 8 Kg (washing) / 5 Kg (drying)

Energy class A / E

Premium Features

Electronic operation control: with large LCD display and remaining washing time indicator.
Large 47 cm door (330 mm opening) for easy access to the bucket.

Smart Functions

15 programs

With quick wash/dry program

Auto Balance System

Automatic detection and distribution of the load

Memory in case of failure

Built-in washer/dryer combi


Combine washing and drying for your clothes!

Built-in sasher-dryer combi with a capacity of 8 kg for washing and 5 kg for drying. With selectable speed and temperature per program and with an advanced technology BLDC Inverter motor that helps to reduce energy consumption and noise.


Longer lifetime and up to 70% lower consumption compared to a classic motor.

10 years warranty for the motor and 3 years for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

CE Declaration
of conformity
Diecut for
cabinet door

Technical Specifications

Washing machine / Tumble dryer built-in

Capacity : 8KG (washing) / 5KG (drying)

1400 rpm

Electronic operation control with large LCD display and remaining wash time indicator

15 programmes with quick wash/dry programme (1 hour) and 15-minute quick programme with selectable temperature and spin speed per programme

Programmes: ECO 40-60, Cotton, Cotton 20C, Synthetic, Wool, Quilting, Rinsing, Anti-allergic wash, Wring & Drain, Sensitive, Quick 15′, Short 60′, Light Dry, Cotton Dry, Quick Wash & Dry, Wash & Dry Cotton

Large 47 cm door (330 mm opening) for easy access to the bucket

Energy efficiency class (according to Directive 2019/2014).

Wringing efficiency (according to Directive 2019/2014): B

BLDC Inverter motor for low consumption, low noise level and long lifetime

“Special “”Boomerang”” type design on the side sections that eliminates noise”

Auto Balance System (Automatic load detection and distribution)

Delayed wash start function (up to 24 hours)

Eco-logic system. When the load is half the load, the appliance automatically adjusts the wash time and the water and energy consumption accordingly.

Memory in the event of an interruption (the washing machine resumes from the programme point it was at before the interruption)

Foam prevention system

Overflow protection

Protection against overheating

Fault self-diagnosis system

“Stainless steel bucket with special “”Pearl design”” for better washing results and greater protection of laundry”

Additional options = Drying levels I, II & III, Drying time selection 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes,

Colour white

Water consumption (according to Directive 2019/2014) = 80Lt in a full wash/dry cycle – 48Lt in a full wash cycle

Power consumption for washing and drying (according to Directive 2019/2014) = 326kWh per 100 full wash/dry cycles

Electricity consumption for washing (according to Directive 2019/2014) = 47kWh per 100 full washing cycles

Airborne acoustic noise emissions (according to Directive 2019/2014): 75dB

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (according to Directive 2019/2014): B

Dimensions 59,7 x 54,4 x 81,7 cm (according to the noise emission standard (2019/2014)).Dimensions 59,7 x 54,4 x 81,7 cm.

Weight (Net / Gross) = 68,5kg / 70,5kg

Warranty 10 years for the motor and 3 years for the whole device