Anti-Crease Technology

Capacity 9 Kg

Energy Class Α++

Smart Functions

Fully electronically controlled

Heat pump drying system

LED Display

With remaining time indicator



With technology that reduces wrinkling of clothes!

Clothes dryer with 9 kg capacity, with heat pump drying system, 15 different drying programs and LED display with time remaining indicator.

3 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

Instructions manual
Energy label
Product fiche
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Tumble dryer 9 kg capacity

Fully electronically controlled

Heat pump drying system

LED Display with remaining time indicator

15 drying programs (cotton extra, cotton normal, cotton for ironing, synthetic normal, synthetic for ironing, delicate, mixed, baby, time selection, freshening, fast 45′, shirts 30′, quilts, sports, woolen)

Stainless steel bin with internal lighting

Large glass door (47cm external diameter)

Filter cleaning indicator

Water tank full indicator

Sound indication of completion of drying cycle

“Automatic “”Anti-crease”” function that reduces the creasing of clothes”

Delay start drying function (3, 6 or 9 hours)

Energy class A++

Child safety

Fault self-diagnosis system

Annual energy consumption: 259kWh per year

Noise power: 65dB

Device dimensions (WxLxH) = 59.6×60.9×84.5 cm

3 years warranty