Low consumption 36W

Very low noise level 32dB

Clean air delivery rate 360m³/h

5 stages of air purification


which binds large particles such as hair, larger dust particles, etc.

HEPA filter H13

offering 99,7% filtering rate, which retains allergenic particles.

Antibacterial filter PET

which retains the microparticles present in the air.

Active carbon filter

which retains toxic gaseous pollutants and odours from chemicals, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, cooking etc.

Antibacterial nylon filter

which retains the microparticles present in the air.

Low noise level 32dB (silent mode)

The very low noise level allows you to create an ideal environment during your night’s sleep or any other time you need quiet.

Clean air delivery rate 360m³/h

With a large flow of clean air, you give yourself and your family a cleaner atmosphere 365 days a year.

With 5 years warranty on the entire device

The excellent manufacturing quality and selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS air purifiers for many years.

Instructions manual
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

5-layers filtering system (pre-filter, antibacterial PET filter, HEPA H13 filter, active carbon filter, antibacterial nylon filter)

H13 true HEPA filter, offering 99,7% filtering rate

CADR 360m3/h

High Performance air filtering system, eliminating formaldehyde, allergies, dust, smoke, bacteria, haze

Extra large air outlet creating 360o air circulation

Color changeable air quality light indicator

PM2.5 sensor, ligh sensor

Silent care with 32dB low noise in silent mode

8 hours timer function (1/2/4/8 hours)

Sleep function

Filter change reminder with light indicator

Child lock function

Carrying handle for easy movement

Frontal air inlet, allowing installation against wall

36W power

Suitable for room up to 50m2

5 years warranty

Logistics data

Unit dimensions: (WxDxH)


Available spare filters

Spare filter