Built-in hob




4 flexible cooking zones


Smart Functions

Booster function

For faster hob heating and reduced cooking time

Automatic boiling function

This function automatically lowers the temperature of the heating zone after a specified time.

Electronic control

Fully electronic control with 9 power levels and ``slider control`` with touch buttons

Built-in Hob


With multiple functions and features

Independent induction hob with aluminium frame and 4 flexible cooking zones. With temporary shutdown and automatic cooker switch-off.

Flexible zones (Bridged function)

This function is particularly useful if you use large roasting pans. The Bridge function makes it possible to combine two heating zones and control them simultaneously.

“Slider control” type control

Continuous power adjustment has replaced the previous step-by-step method. This advanced feature simplifies operation and makes your kitchen a more comfortable place. Just touch the Slider to set the desired heating level.


“Booster function”

The Booster function allows you to increase the heating power in the zone, so that meals are prepared more rapidly and retain more nutritional value


Residual heat indicator

The residual heat indicator alerts you that the heating zone is still hot even though it has been turned off. This function allows you to cook safely and very conveniently


Automatic boil

Perfect for dishes which first need to be brought to the boil quickly and then heated or roasted. An equivalent of simmering, this function automatically lowers the temperature of the heating zone after a specified time


Timer with switch-off function for each zone separately

This function allows you to set the cooking time (max 99 minutes) for each individual part of your hob, which makes it easier than ever to prepare several dishes at once. When the time expires, the zone switches off and alerts you with an audible signal


Pan detection and automatic pan size recognition

Thanks to this solution, heating zone won’t be working untill you put a pot on it and after that the zone will be adjusted according to pots size.


Child lock

Prevents children from turning on the appliance, which means you and your family can avoid burns. The Child Lock also prevents children from changing the parameters while the appliance is in use.

3 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

Instructions manual
Installation instructions

Technical Specifications

Built-in Induction hob with aluminum frame

4 bridged induction zones 21x21cm

Electronic control with 9 power settings and slider control

Booster function for all 4 zones, increasing heating power and reducing cooking time

Automatic pan detection and automatic pan size recognition

Child safety

Residual heat indicators for all 4 zones

Pause function

Auto boil function

Timer function for all 4 zones

Automatic power off