Retro Series Refrigerator




Retro feeling in your kitchen!

Our kitchen is one of the areas of the house where we spend probably the most hours of the day. We want comfort, practicality but also aesthetic satisfaction. Morris with the new Retro series fills a big gap in the market until yesterday.
Because today… Morris Retro Series. It’s your kitchen treasure!

Designed for all kitchens

Designed for all kitchens, the new Morris Retro Series refrigerators fit into modern, classic, industrial and of course vintage kitchens.

From a wide selection, all that’s left to choose is the type of fridge (single door, double door or fridge freezer) to suit your needs.

Many colors available

Whatever the style of your kitchen, you’re sure to find a colour to suit your style and preferences. Darker or lighter, brighter or softer, choose the one that expresses you the most.

Available colours for No Frost fridge freezers: red, black.

Designed for all needs

Net capacity in single-door refrigerators: preservation 75lt, freezing 8lt

Unparalleled design

With metal handle, a trademark for retro devices. In addition to the excellent design it offers greater durability over time.

3 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

Instructions manual
Energy label
Product fiche
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Energy Class (according to Directive 2019/2016) = F (on a scale from A to G)

Capacity (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 83 litres (75 litres for maintenance – 8 litres for freezing)

Inner light

Vegetable and fruit drawer with glass cover

2 shelves from safety glass

Big bottle storage space on door

Climate class = N/ST (suitable for use at temperatures from  16°C to 38°C)

Refrigerant = R600a / 17g

Energy consumption (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 160 kWh per year

Airborne acoustic noise emissions (according to Directive 2019/2016) = 41dB

Airborne acoustical noise emission class (according to Directive 2019/2016) = C

Device dimensions (WxWxH) = 48 x 54,5 x 89 cm.

Device weight (net / gross) = 24 / 26 kg

Warranty 3 years for the whole appliance