Breakfast preparation




Capacity 1,7 liters

Wattage 2200W

Smart functions

Boiling temperature selection

AUTO-OFF functionality

Jug illumination

Electronic Kettle


NJOY series!

Electronic kettle, NJOY series. With electronic boiling or maintaining temperature or heating function, AUTO-OFF function when the water is boiling or when it is switched on without water or when it is moved from the base and jug illumination.

3 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

Instructions Manual
CE declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Water tank capacity 1,7 liters

Wattage 2200W

Electronic functionality for: boiling, maintaining temperature or preselecting heating temperature at 60C, 70C, 80C or 90C

AUTO-OFF functionality in cases of: boiling water, operation without any water, or movement away from the base unit

Illumination in red, blue, yello, purple or green lighting

Calcium redidue filter

Body built of high durability stainless steel material

Easy operation via the use of two buttons

Concealed heating element

Fully rotating jug

Dimensions (WxDxH): 24x15x22