Cleaning appliances



Capacity 3,5 litres

Power 600 Watt

HEPA Filter

Smart Functions

Full bag indicator

Automatic cord rewinding

Operating power selection dimmer

Vacuum Cleaner


Ecological design vacuum cleaner!

The Morris SVC-9704 vacuum cleaner has a special bag with a capacity of 3.5 liters in which dust accumulates and when full, it can be replaced with a new one.
You can choose to operate it either with a fiber bag or with a rewashable – reusable fabric bag.
It is equipped with the unique HEPA filter that retains dust, dirt and allergens, resulting in cleaner air in your home during operation.
While cleaning smooth surfaces you can set the power full intensity while on carpets you can turn it down to prevent the carpets from sticking to the vacuum.

3 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

Instructions manual
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Ecological design vacuum cleaner

Efficient low-power motor with A+ energy label

600 Watt power

Can also be operated with a washable and reusable fabric bag (included in the package)

Bag capacity 3,5 litres

HEPA filter

Foot switch for operation

Power selection dimmer

Full bag indicator

Automatic cable wrapping

Metal telescopic tube

Accessories: brush, 1pcs bag, 1pcs cloth bag

Energy efficiency: A+ / Absorption on hard floor: A / Absorption on carpet C / Air recycling A

Suction power on tread: 20KPa

20KPa: 20KPa: 20KPa: 20KPa: 20KPa: 3 years warranty

Dimensions (WxWxH): 45,5x32x25,5cm