Heating appliances




Power 2500 Watt

LED digital display

Silent operation

Premium Features

Heating from 3 different sides


Hygienic infrared heating


LED digital display


Floor mounting with wheels for easy transportation

Smart Functions


Remote control

Overheating protection

Panel Heater


With 2 heating power settings!

Morris heating panel, with 2 power settings and 5 Mica heating elements.
Features a digital LED display and remote control for wireless operation.
Βurns no oxygen, has no spark and operates odourlessly.

5 years warranty for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

Instructions manual
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

MICA technology panel heater

Wattage: 2500W

2 heating power settings, 1500W/2500W

5 Mica heating elements

Fast heating from 3 different sides

Hygienic infrared heating

Timer function: 0.5 up to 18 hours

Temperature setting from 5-36οC

LED digital display

Remote control 

Overheating and tip over protection

Silent operation

Floor-standing installation with wheels for easy transportation

No oxygen burning, no spark and odorless operation

5 years warranty

Product dimensions (WxDxH): 66,5×24,5×64,5 cm

This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use