Washing machine




BLDC Inverter Motor

Capacity 9 kg

Energy class B

Premium Features

Eco-logic system. When the load is half full, the appliance automatically adjusts the duration of the wash and the water and energy consumption accordingly.
Large door (51cm outer diameter / 33cm inner opening) with 180 degree opening and protective cover for protection against high temperatures

Smart Functions

Dual Jet System

With double water spray nozzles that improves washing, reducing duration and consumption

Electronic operation control

With LED display with touch buttons and remaining wash time indication

Memory in case of interruption

The washing machine resumes from the program point it was at before the interruption

Washing machine


Everything you need from a washing machine!

Morris washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg. With control panel in Greek for ease of use and Eco-logic system technology: when the load is half full, the appliance automatically adjusts the duration of the wash and the water and energy consumption accordingly.

Steam operation

The steam function is added to the wash cycle before the main wash. This cycle lasts for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the selected programme) and during this time, hot steam is produced which sterilises up to 99.99% of the laundry while eliminating bad odours and freshening the clothes.


Longer lifetime and up to 70% lower consumption compared to a classic motor.

Ability to select the degree of staining

But also stain type of clothes for even better washing results and clean clothes according to your actual needs.

Water supply indicator

Warning indicator in case there is a problem with the water supply.

Water filter indicator

An indicator that warns you in time that the water filter needs cleaning.

Ecologic System

When the load is half, the appliance automatically adjusts the duration of the wash and the water and energy consumption accordingly.


With the possibility of adding prewash, for better washing results when the clothes are very dirty.

Door status indicator

The device informs you with the corresponding indicator whether the door is open or locked.

Overflow protection

If there is a problem with the water supply, the appliance automatically activates the drain pump.

Anti-allergic function

By using a special method during rinsing, detergent residues are removed more effectively.

Daily wash 60′

A short, high-performance wash for your cotton clothes, lasting only 60 minutes.

Without wringing

Omit the ironing stage for better protection of particularly delicate garments.

Washing with cold water

Ideal for washing lightly soiled clothes using tap water (without heating).

Steam Assist function

For better and deeper cleaning of clothes and removal of bacteria.

Quick program 12′

The fastest wash programme with a duration of only 12 minutes. For lightly soiled clothes that you need immediately.

Choice of degree of staining

You can choose between 3 levels of staining and the type of dirt on your clothes to get the best possible washing results.

Start delay

You can delay the start of the wash from 1 to 23 hours to get your clothes washed when you want.

Consumption indication

With power and water consumption indication per programme for maximum energy saving.

Asymmetric load control

If the load is not symmetrically placed in the bucket, the washing machine automatically redistributes the load and adjusts the spin speed accordingly.

Speed Wash

Option that reduces the total washing time by adjusting the program parameters.

Self-diagnosis of faults

In the event of a fault, the washing machine automatically stops working and informs you of the type of problem with a message.

Nickel resistance

Nickel-coated resistance for greater protection against salts and longer life.

Child lock

Key lock function to prevent changes to the washing programme during operation of the appliance.

10 years warranty for the motor and 3 years for the whole device

The excellent manufacturing quality and the selected spare parts guarantee the good operation of MORRIS devices for many years.

The use of high-performance compressors from renowned manufacturers ensure maximum performance with low consumption and noise.

Instructions manual
Energy label (2019/2014)
Product fiche
CE Declaration of conformity

Technical Specifications

Capacity 9KG

Maximun spinning speed 1400RPM

Electronic control with white color digits display and remaining time indication

Program jog dial with light indicators for easy use

15 programs selection with rapid 12′ and anti-allergic program

Programs: ECO 40-60, Cotton, Cotton prewash, Cotton 20C, Colors, Synthetic, Wool, Mix wash, Rinsing, Anti-Allergic wash, Spin and drain, Sensitive, Rapid 12′, Daily 60′, Jeans

BLDC Inverter motor

Energy class: B

Dual jet system with twin water spray, improving washing performance and recuing washing cycle duration and consumption

Boomerang design, reducing vibrations and noise

Giant door (51cm. outer diameter / 33cm inner diameter) with 180o opening and cover for protection from high temperatures

Timer function (1 up to 23h delay start)

Eco-logic system which can detect half load and adjust automatically washing duration, and energy / water consumption

Greek control panel for easy use

Easy cleaning water pump filter

Auto balancing system

Μνήμη σε περίπτωση διακοπής (το πλυντήριο συνεχίζει από το σημείο του προγράμματος στο οποίο βρισκόταν πριν την διακοπή)

Foam protection system

Overflow protection system

Overheating protection system

Self diagnosis system

Stainless steel tube

Key lock safety system and door locking during operation system

Energy consumption: 57kWh per 100 cycles

Spin – Drying efficiency class: B

Water consumption: 50lt,  per cycle

Airborne acoustical noise emission in the spinning phase: 75dB

Airborne acoustical noise emission class: B

Colour: White

Dimentions in cm (HxWxD): 84,5×59,7×58,2

Weight (Net/Gross): 76 / 77,5 Kg

Warranty: 10 years for BLDC motor and 3 years for the whole unit.