Annual A/C maintenance

Annual A/C maintenance

Through this new service of Amiridis-Savvidis S.A. you can enjoy your air-conditioning unit’s annual maintenance.

Our technicians follow the below procedures strictly so that you can save time as well as money:

Chemical cleaning of the indoor unit’s elements
Cleaning of the outdoor unit’s elements
Cleaning of both the indoor and outdoor unit’s fans
Cleaning of the condenser drain
Checking of the compressor’s protective switches
Cleaning of the air filters and louvers
Checking and securing of the supply pipellines’ joints with  the units, as well as of the control cables
Cleaning of the fans’ fins and covers
Checking for any coolant leaks
Safety checking of the air-conditioning unit
Service report completion

Why should i choose to maintain my air-conditioner?

By servicing your air-conditioner you safeguard its proper operation, its extended lifetime, as well as the saving of energy and thus cost. In more detail, by choosing our service team’s maintenance schedule you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the operating cost of the air-conditioner.
  • Your appliance restores its lost efficiency.
  • You prevent unwanted and costly malfunctions.
  • You extend your air-conditioner’s effective life-time.
  • You improve your breathing environment since the service prevents the built-up of harmful bacteria, of micro-organisms as well as or allergen factors.

In order to arrange for your air-conditioning unit’s maintenance give us a call at: +302310944944

This service applies exclusively to all air-conditioning products bearing the warranty of Amiridis-Savvidis S.A.