Frequently Asked Questions

They only light up the two eyelets in the electric cooker!

Check the kitchen connection. You should follow the manufacturer’s diagram according to the power supply of your site. Three-phase or single-phase.

The oven is filling up with water inside!

Check the ventilation duct to see if it is blocked with a utensil. It is recommended that the protective lid of the cooker be open when the cooker is in operation

How do I set my cooker clock?

Refer to the instructions for your device

How can I clean my ceramic hob?

Get the special ceramic hob scraper and special cleaning cream for ceramic hobs

The protective lid of my cooker hob has turned yellow!

When the oven is in operation, the protective lid must be open, otherwise the air duct is blocked and a high temperature develops.

My device is displaying an E2 code!

Check the water supply and the water supply pipe for clogging.

My device displays the code dr!

Check if the appliance door is properly secured

My device leaves spots on my glasses and plates!

Control the amount of softener according to the hardness of the water in your area. There is a quantity regulator. Refer to the instructions for use of the device

I find water on the inside bottom of the appliance after the end of the wash!

Check the filter on the inside bottom, the drain pipe of the appliance and the room drain for clogging.

Noise is heard during the washing operation!

A utensil inside is not correctly positioned on the appliance rack or is too high and obstructs the mobile part of the appliance. Stop the program and change the position of the utensils

My device is not working properly!

Check the filter inside bottom of the appliance for debris and the drain pipe of the appliance for any pinching.

There are rust spots on my cutlery!

The utensils with the problem are not stainless steel. In case of salt topping up, a quick wash should always be done with an empty bucket.

Displays error message OE!

It means that the filter of the device needs to be cleaned.

Displays LE error message!

It means that there is a problem with the device door lock.
The door security is still active. In this case, wait about 5 minutes until the door security is deactivated. Otherwise, turn off the power to the appliance and wait a few minutes for the door to open.

Displays error message IE!

It means that there is a problem with the water supply of the appliance. Check the water supply pipe.
Check if the water supply hose is kinked.
Check if the water supply is turned off.
Check if the door is closed properly.

Displays UE error message!

Incorrect bucket load distribution or excessive bucket load.
Untangle the clothes or remove some clothes from the bin

There's an overflow of soft tissue!

Clean the soap dish and check the amount of fabric softener in the soap dish container

No water can be seen on the glass of the appliance door!

The device weighs the clothes and is supplied with the amount of water needed for the specific wash

The device shakes and makes noise!

Check the setting on the feet of the device. All four (4) should be touching the floor and the appliance should be properly aligned
Ensure that the transport bars have been removed.
Check to see if the load you have placed in the washer exceeds the recommended weight. Depending on the programme you have selected and the clothes you have put in the bin, the recommended weight varies. For more information, please refer to your appliance’s program tab, provided by the manufacturer.
Check to see if you have loaded a small amount of laundry. When the load is small the clothes move freely in the drum causing them to bang against the sides and cause vibration. These vibrations become particularly intense during the spin cycle, which is when the washing machine gets most of its revolutions.

It makes very long washing times!

Cotton programs depending on the bucket load can be configured. When we exceed the weight limit of the device or uneven load distribution there is a possibility of program delay

Many times the washing time changes!

On many models that have a programme time indicator, sometimes the programme time changes during the wash and is not the original time. This is a normal function of the appliance, as there are factors such as excessive load, load imbalance, prolonged water heating time (when the supply water temperature is too low), excessive foam generation (see below), etc., which cause the appliance to recalculate the remaining wash time.

The washing machine creates a lot of foam!

A large amount of detergent has been used. Excessive foaming can alter the washing time, as it may prevent wringing.
Inappropriate detergent has been used.

Clothes do not clean properly!

Check whether the clothes have stains that do not clean properly with the programme you have selected.
Check if the wrong amount of laundry has been loaded (see above sections for incorrect load distribution and quantity).
Check the hardness of the water available in your area. For different hardness in water, a different amount of detergent is recommended according to the manufacturer.

The washing machine does not start the wash!

Check that you have closed the door correctly.
Check that the Start/Pause button is pressed.
Check that the water supply is open and unobstructed.

My air conditioner air smells bad!

The internal filters and the external element should be cleaned and disinfected. Contact the service department.

My device is displaying FF code!

The device should be checked for loss of coolant. Any leakage from installation piping. Contact the service department.

It does not accept commands from a remote control!

Check the batteries in the remote control. In case of non-response, contact the service department.